Monday, September 25, 2006

Changes coming

The seasons are changing and so will the blog. This week I will work on having links in the sidebar to all the individual challenges so they will be easier to find. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Nat's Retrospective Challenge

Nat, a German Scrapbooker, and poster on Two Peas, put this challenge up a few weeks ago. I just got the information (sorry Nat!) and the original run of the challenge was for 2 weeks, but I think it's a good idea that you can do at any time.

Go here for more info

Beyond Appearances

Week 1
Link Up

Week 2
Link Up

Week 3
Link Up

Altered Item Month 3


Link Up

New 3 Product Challenge!

Week 16

Catching up with How Much is Too Much

Week 8
Link up

Week 9
Link Up

Week 10
Link Up

Week 11
Link up

Catching up with Scrap Lyric

Week 5
Link Up

Number 6
Link Up

Catching up with Random Chaos

Week 7
Link Up

Week 8
Link Up

Catching up with Number Challenge

Week 10
Link Up

Week 11
Link up

Week 12
Link Up : none yet!

Catching up with Ad Inspiration

Week of 8/14

Week of 8/21

Week of 8/28

Monday, August 07, 2006

Posted today!!

Ad inspiration week of 8/7

Number challenge week 10 here's where you link up

New blogs

Here are a couple of new challenge blogs to check out

BNM Designing Devils

Beyond Appearances

Ad Inspiration

Two new ones!!!

Week of 7/24

Week of 7/30

Anything goes

Number 4: Black & White Pub thread

Number 5: Will it really matter? Pub thread

Random Chaos Week 6

All about the threes

Linky link

Have you had too much yet???

Number 6: Rainbow brite! Link up here

Number 7: Pattern crazy! Linky-link thread

ScrapLyric # 4

Back to high school! Show us your stuff here!

Number Challenges

Week 8 and link up thread

Week 9 and link up thread

Latest Dare

Number 38 - all about our favourite subject!

Pub Thread

GS Thread

Don't forget the Dares Last Scrapper Standing Contest has started! Here is the first challenge Don't forget to upload to Two Peas on Wednesday night!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Ad Inspiration Week of 7/17

Our usual hostess Paula is away on vacation (lucky girl!) but Emily has stepped in to keep these going!

This week's thread

Anything goes has two new ones

Challenge 2 and here is the Link up thread

Challenge 3 and linky linky!

Random Chaos

A really cool one this week
Link up thread

Never too much!!!

eyelets and bradlets oh my! you can linky link here

Looking for a pot of gold? link your work here

How much is too much Iron Chef Mini Challenge! You can play along with Michelle and Caroline if you like

Scrap Lyric # 3

Third lyric challenge

Link up your work here

These challenges will now be posted every other Thursday!!

Number Challenge 7

Five is your number this week

Linky thread

Two new dares!!!

Dare 36

The Pub Thread
The GS Thread

Dare 37

The Pub Thread
The GS Thread (I will update as soon as I find it!)

I've been such a slacker!

Sorry about no updates lately! I blame it on the heat, I sit around in a limpid state all day. I'm working on getting the last 10 days or so of challenges up!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What's the latest?

I was away for the weekend and I am just getting caught up on the new challenges. Quite a few to add! So if you're lacking in mojo these might help

Anything goes #2

How Much is too much # 5 and link up thread

Altered item #2 and link up thread

Three product challenge # 15

Number Challenge # 6
and link up thread

Ad Inspiration week of 7/10

There! That should keep you busy for a while!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Where did the week go?

Have you all been creating tons of awesome layouts? My mojo is back full steam ahead and I'm happy!

This week's Random Challenge is all about colour!!!

Dare 35! wooohoooo!!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Manic Monday!!!

And challenges galore!!!

The very first Anything Goes Challenge

This week's Ad Inspiration Challenge

Number Challenge Week 5 and link up thread

Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's the weekend!

Holy Moly, how did that happen so fast! What are your scrapping plans? I got a couple new challenges to share. Scrap Lyric # 2 is up, it's all about the girls; and the how much is too much gang have really outdone themselves this week! (but I guess that's the point?)

Don't forget to check out Erin's weekend challenge over on the CK site.

Happy scrappin'! Hoping to see some of your work in the galleries!

Friday, June 30, 2006

What's on YOUR list?

Dare 34 is up!! It's a fun one!! We all have favourite things right? Let's scrap about them and don't forget to link up your pages here

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Love patterned paper? love flowers? How about flowery patterned paper? Random Challenge Number 2 and link up thread

Monday, June 26, 2006

Beat the Monday Blues!

Take on these challenges and forget it's Monday!

A baker's dozen plus 1 is this week's number challenge. Here's the link up thread in The Pub

Graphic scrappers (or anyone really) this one's for you!: Another yummy ad inspiration piece from Paula

Autumn Leaves Challenges

Autumn Leaves has set up two blogs to host challenges for their two latest books: Freestyle and The Me Book. Check them out!

Freestyle Blog
Me Blog

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Did you get enough fiber today?

You need at least 5 types you know. How much is too much #3!

Weekend Challenges

If you're looking for some inspiration for this weekend here's two new challenges for ya~

Dare number 33 is up - It's all about love

Week 5 of the Scrap Your wedding Challenge has been posted

Every week Erin Lincoln, the CK Web Hostess posts a Weekend Challenge created by a Hall of Famer. Here's the link to all those challenges CK Weekend Challenges

Have a scrappily productive weekend!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

There's a new challenge blog in town!

How totally Random is this? Janelle, Anita, Jamie, Molly and Becki are now bring us a weekly random challenge. Sometimes chaos is a good thing......

Monday, June 19, 2006

Challenges Monday June 19th

Number Challenge 3

Ad Inspiration Challenge

An Oldie but Goodie

This Challenge is over, but it was so helpful to me, and has such good information that I had to share. Alana (scrapbear/scraplolly) lead this Design Challenge over several weeks. If you want to learn basic design principles check out these threads.

Design Challenge: Intro & Logistics

Week 1: The Focal Point

Week 2: Grouping

Week 3: Rhythm & Pattern

Week 4: Balance & Placement

Week 5: Typography

Week 6: Colour

The Dailies

Don't forget to check out the daily challenges to help you get more scrapping done! Marci is leading the Layout-a-Day Challenge, and Sheila is leading the 1-hour a Day Challenge. Look for these threads every day in The Pub

Catching Up: 3 Product Challenges

Just discovered this thread in The Pub which lists the first seven weeks of the 3 Product Challenges

Here is the Week 8 Challenge

un-numbered week

another un-numbered week

Week 11

Week 12

I think that's all folks!